Calling ALL current and former athletes from any sport or any level, weekend warriors, collegiate,  or forever athletes that own or run a business. It’s time to team up!

From the desk of Forever Athlete
"I'm looking forward to the memories of right now." Drake

Join me in a full court press on racism! I'm Lisa C., an exposure-ist and book publisher.

"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair."  
Nelson Mandela

The Beyond an Athlete Project aims to create a movement of leaders made up of business professionals, entrepreneurs, collegiate & professional athletes (former, weekend warriors and forever) of all races, and from every sport teaming up to generate the capital needed to get the beyond an athlete book published. The book will be a resource for athletes of all ages and will inspire and share advice on how they can change their world which can change the world. This is a moment in History that we can give athletes the "Game Plan" to Blow the Whistle and make an impact on racial injustice with their teams, in their families, community and spheres of influence like professional athletes have always done and did so powerfully throughout 2020.

The Beyond an Athlete Project will include:
  • Books for Athletes 
  • A 'Change Your World' Bootcamp 
  • A "Change Your World' Challenge 

Sports for Social Good

I am committed to putting resources and training in the hands of athletes around the world to help them understand their power to affect change, just as the professional athletes showed their power sitting out for racial injustice.

I am asking entrepreneurs and business-athletes everywhere to stand up with me, and use your platforms, influence and resources to help me get an important book in the hands of student-athletes. Help me in deploying thousands of current, former and business-athletes like yourself to do more than just post anti-racism content.

History is watching.
“Let’s suffocate the f.... out of hate.”
Gary Vee

About The Beyond an Athlete Book 

The Beyond an Athlete Edition is part of a new book series called #REALTALKRacism, Heal Our Land which is our version of "Chicken Soup for the Soul".

The book aims to inspire, equip and empower student-athletes and athletes of all ages and sports that they too can stand up against racism just as the hundreds of athletes did in 2020 after the deaths of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. The book will feature top athletes from various sports. The publisher's goal is to gift as many copies of the book away as possible to student-athletes. We donate 100% of the retail royalties and 10% of any pre-sale or sponsor generated income from our Leadership books to charities that support or align with the book's topic or intended audience.

The book will go on pre-sale August 25, 2021. This date is the hisotrical day when professional athletes took a stand after being fed up with the multiple killings and shooting of unarmed black poeple and the sit out after Jacob Blake was shot. 

I challenge you to do something outside of your current push to make money. Sell more…by selling yourself less – leverage social good.

Do Good While Doing Well

"Messaging should shift to become less about me and the brand, and more about us — the community we cultivate......I believe it will be the brands that provide a direct connection to others, beyond what they’re selling, that will earn staying power."
Forbes 2021


Purchase a Social Impact Package that will benefit your business and student athletes. The first 100 business-athletes that purchase a package from each level will be featured in the Beyond an Athlete book.

The investment ranges from $197-$997 and include a CSR playbook, templates, media features, acknowledgement  in book and books to donate to athletes and more! Get in where you fit in – just get in!
Be a sports supporter, athlete activator or team player.

ASK: Looking for entrepreneur and business-athlete leaders to partner with us to get 300 Social Impact Packages sold which will allow us to donate books to student-athletes.  We are looking for partners to reach out to your listeners, clients, followers, colleagues, and other business athletes to participate.

OFFER: Purchase a Social Impact Package and receive media mentions and marketing benefits. Also, all 300 business-athletes that purchase a package at any level will be acknowledged in the Beyond an Athlete book as a supporter of the project. The packages range from $197-$997  

GOAL: The publisher's goal for this challenge is to be able to gift 10,000 books to student-athletes in Minnesota, Kentucky & Wisconsin.


The challenge begins May 17, 2021 through August 26, 2021. We are asking weekend warriors, former athletes at any level and those forever athletes who are business owners to support youth athletes by purchasing a social impact package for your business. We are also asking those that participate to share this challenge with other business owner athletes, share the challenge on your social media and with colleagues and clients. This is a great way to humbly let others know the “Good” you are doing.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is or was an athlete that runs or operates a business, solo entrepreneur, CEO, brick and mortar, online, digital, You Tube, service business, consultant, coach and any other person who just wants to support the project. If you are not an Athlete, you can donate your marketing package to a non-profit or a business-athlete. 


  • You & your business will be featured as a supporter in this special edition book that will become a legacy piece.List item one
  • You will establish a digital footprint so when people Google you they will find your goodwill.List item two
  • In the Team Player package you will be featured in a book that can be used for lead generation and set you apart.List item three
  • You will receive a Corporate  Social Responsibility Plan for your business which is very important today. 
  • You will be enhancing young athletes' lives by providing this book to them You receive  value bonus information.

“A global study found that 91% of consumers were likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, when price and quality matched.” 2021

This Business-Athlete Challenge is for businesses who understand that we can no longer do “business as usual”, and have a sustainable and respected company supporting important initiatives matter. Participating in this social impact campaign is for the CEO who wants to transcend their competitors. Imagine having content to share about the good you are doing providing books for athletes. At the intersection of sports and social justice, athletes have always been powerful vessels for activism. From Wilma Rudolph to Colin Kaepernick, athletes have historically used their platforms to create positive changes in the world.


Student-Athletes are returning to school finally after Covid-19. They could use some empowerment, some encouragement and some direction on how to interact with their teammates, and how to approach conversations that are going to arise about social injustice and racism in 2020.
#SportsForSocialJustice   #influenceforgood


Professional athletes from every sport rose up against racism on August 26, 2020 in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Seeing so many athletes use their platform, influence, leadership and power used so affectively, it reminded me that athletes of all ages have those same traits and we as past, athletes have an opportunity to contribute and be a part of the solution by helping young athletes understand that they can impact racism just as the professional athletes are doing. The books that you make possible to be gifted to high school and college athletes will inspire them that they too can use their platform and influence for good.

On August 26, 2020, several professional athletes in the US went on strike in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The athletes refused to play in their schedule sports events, Milwaukee Bucks, WNBA, NBA,MLB, MLS, Women’s Tennis Association, NHL, and the NFL.

Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself!

Participating in this Corporate Social Responsibility project is your opportunity to leave a legacy that your generations after you will be able to see your name associated with  this book and you will go down in history as someone who took part to affect racism.


Covid-19 may have prevented you from getting out and helping. This is a powerful and unique way to be a part of the solution. Stepping up will also assist in Blowing the Whistle on the racial divide.


As a business athlete, you are a leader. Whether you’re leading a team of employees or you're a solo entrepreneur providing services, you have influence. Why not use that power for good and be a part of the solution to help combat racism and be..... the change you want to see in the world.

I thought about what I could do beyond a social media post, beyond a donation,” Ohanian went on to explain that when his daughter grows up, he wanted to be able to answer her questions about what he’s done to fight against racial injustice “with the clearest conscience.”

“I wanted to put as much weight behind the gesture as I could because I felt I owed it to you (Serena) and I owed it to her (his daughter),” -- Alexis Ohanian

This is your chance to be  a part of history and be featured in a book that will become a legacy piece.



FREE Access to Social Impact Community

10 Books Gifted to Athletes

Name listed in Student-Athlete Book

(CSR) Tool Kit

A Press Release Template

A Supporter Graphic

 197 USD 


FREE Access to Social Impact Community

20 Books Gifted to Athletes

Name listed in Student-Athlete Book

(CSR) Tool Kit

A Press Release Template

A Supporter Graphic

Featured in National Press Release

Media Report for Press Release

(CSR) – Business Playbook

Feature in Photo Spotlight Small Business Trendsettersonline Magazine

 497 USD 

 260 USD

Team  Players - $997

FREE Access to Social Impact Community

40 Books Gifted to Athletes

Name listed in Student-Athlete Book

(CSR) Tool Kit

A Press Release Template

A Supporter Graphic

Featured in National Press Release

Media Report for Press Release

(CSR) – Business Playbook

Feature in Photo Spotlight Small Business Trendsettersonline Magazine

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility Social Media Template

Feature in a ‘Expert Profiles’ Book

Feature in a ‘Expert Profiles’ Book

Name in National Press Release ‘Expert Profiles Book’

 997 USD 

 525 USD

NOTE - ONLY the 1st 100 supporters from each package level will be listed in the Beyond an Athlete Book
NOTE - Athlete Activator - You will be featured with up to 50 other people in this Press Release. The Press Release will be syndicated to ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates and hundreds of other online media outlets
NOTE - Team Player - A short blurb will be written about you and you will be featured with up to 21 other people in this Press Release. The Press Release will be syndicated to ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX affiliates and hundreds of other online media outlets
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'Change Your World' Bootcamp

Bootcamp attendees will walk away inspired by their favorite professional athletes and activism experts imploring them to use their power, influence (privilege), and platforms with their team, family, and community to impact racism.


Millennials are looking for four major qualities in socially responsible companies: 
  1. They want companies to be actively invested in the betterment of society and the solution of social problems. 
  2. They want companies that prioritize “making an impact” on the world around them.
  3. They want companies to be open and honest about their efforts — and to be public about their pro-social initiatives. 
  4. Finally, millennials want companies to involve their customers in their good works. They want an opportunity to give back — whether it’s with a gift of their time or their money

infact, 81% of millennials say they want to support brands with corporate citizenship.



Smart Hustle is a Business and Lifestyle Enhancement Agency. We exist to expose, equip and empower individuals & business owners to live better – work smarter and do good to enjoy a better quality of life. The agency accomplishes this through their projects, partnerships, platforms & programs. Smart Hustle Publishing - Exist to Publish One Book and One Message at a Time; the goal is that the books washing up to the shore (are given and gifted) like a message in a bottle with just the information the reader needs and just at the right time. Our books are our version of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Like a Drake song, Lisa C. Williams knows what it means to “start from the bottom,” and bounce back! But now she’s here and building #momentum for herself and others. Lisa achieved multiple six-figure business success and then she faced a myriad of personal and family challenges, which caused her to lose #momentum and ultimately lose it all. But now she has triumphed and has reset her life and business and is bouncing back.

Lisa has been in the attention and exposure business her whole career. After the breakout success of her first book, that landed at #2 behind Michael Jordan’s book as a best seller, and after receiving a testimonial from a prominent celebrity about her clever approach to marketing. Lisa has successfully published two collaborative books, both reaching best-selling status in multiple categories. She has also personally worked with over 50 professionals, helping them achieve “Best-Selling Author” status, and has helped over 200 clients receive media mentions.

About Lisa C. Williams CMO – Chief #Momentum Officer